Debbie Crone (7th/8th Literature and Composition, 7/8th History and Geography)

Ms. Leslie

Leslie DeJarnette (3rd Math, Word Within the Word)


Joanne DiMaggio (1st/2nd Science)

Ms. Shirley

Shirley Ferguson (1st/2nd Language Arts, 1st/2nd History and Geography, 3rd/4th History)

Ms. Karla

Karla Googins (Office Managaer and Admin Assistant)

Ms. Bethany

Bethany Haywood (Drama)

Ms. Kara

Kara Hockstra (3rd/4th Science, 7th/8th Science)

Mr. Colin

Colin McGough (3rd - 6th Music)

Ms. Sandi

Sandi Miller (Pre-Algebra, Algebra I)

Ms. Meredith

Meredith Rigatuso (1st-4th P.E.)


Cathie Ruzzi (Art)


Jesica Stoltzfus (Intermediate Math, 5th/6th Science)

Ms. Cara

Cara Wilcox (Heritage Administrator, Computer Skills, Yearbook/Journalism, Drama)

Ms. Kathy

Kathy Valentine (5th/6th Language Arts, 5th/6th History)

Ms. Marquita

Marquita Wortham (3rd/4th Language Arts)

Our Staff and Tutors