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About Us

What: Heritage is a homeschool tutorial program, a close partnership between professional educators and dedicated homeschooling families designed to provide students with an outstanding school experience. A tutorial offers onsite classes with experienced tutors two days a week and provides lessons to be completed with the home teacher on the other three days. In other words, we provide a way to homeschool that lifts the weight of curriculum
choice and daily lesson planning from the parent's shoulders and infuses the student's life with variety,
comradery, and fun. Our stimulating academic program includes math, history and geography, language arts, science, and art, along with a
variety of electives.
Who: Our experienced Christian educators have proven success in their fields of expertise and offer an array of academic and supplemental classes for our
K - 8th grade students.
When: Our onsite classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, while home instructors lead their students through our home lessons (which go out via our online academic platform) each Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday.
Where: We meet at Catonsville Baptist Church, 1004 Frederick Rd., Catonsville, MD 21228. Conveniently located off I-695, Heritage serves families from Baltimore, Howard, Anne Arundel, Carroll, and
Montgomery counties.
Why: Choosing Heritage allows parents to actively oversee and participate in their children's education while also benefitting from the accountability and experience of seasoned teachers. Students thrive on the regular classroom instruction and peer interaction combined with the discipleship, independence, and flexibility that homeschooling parents provide.

How: All of our classes are grounded in a Biblical worldview and a passion for hands-on learning. Our staff and parents constantly strive to create an atmosphere of loving encouragement, curiosity, and exploration. Students at HIS participate in science lab experiments, group projects, field trips, project fairs, special lunches, spirit days, and other activities. We gather monthly for a student-led chapel service called Nuggets of Faith and provide many other opportunities for students to grow in Christ, in leadership, and in creative expression. Whether attending part-time or full-time, each student is a

vital part of the Heritage family.

Thanks for your interest in Heritage Instructional Services!

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