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Tutor Assistants

Tutor Assistants (TA) are a vital part of the HIS program. Working as a Tutor Assistant provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to observe classes first-hand and to connect with tutors and other parents in the Heritage family.  


Service Responsibilities
Families with a student enrolled in any class are required to participate in our TA Service Days.


  • 1 class - 1 service day

  • 2 classes - 2 service days

  • 3+ classes - 4 service days

Your service requirement is NOT based on the number of students you have OR a grand total of classes for your family BUT by the highest number of classes any one of your students takes.  For example, if the Jones family has two children enrolled, one student taking 2 classes and the other taking 5 classes; Mr. and Mrs. Jones will serve a total of 4 service days.


Our service day tasks include assisting in the classroom, grading, copying, recess monitoring, light cleaning, etc, from 8:15 am - 2:30 pm each day.  Families sign up for their service days through a link provided at the beginning of the school year. 


NOTE: Unfortunately, can not accommodate younger siblings, including nursing infants, during Tutor Assistant Service Days.  Please make childcare arrangements prior to your service days. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  ​

An email reminder will be sent one week prior to each family's scheduled Tutor Assistant day. If you are unable to serve on your scheduled day, you must find a substitute and notify the Tutor Assistant Facilitator of the substitute. 

V.I.P.S. - Very Important Parent Projects

In addition to Tutor Assisting, each

family commits to participate in one special event or project throughout the year. Tasks include serving on a hospitality committee, coordinating field trips, helping with Open House or parties, painting, photographing events, etc.


We are so thankful for all the ways that our families help keep Heritage running so smoothly! We truly appreciate you! 

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